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Eugene Petersen (1916-1988)

Eugene Herman “Pelle” Petersen was born in Fauske, Norway. His family came to Sandon in 1922 and Gene lived here the rest of his life. After leaving school, Gene was employed in Sandon at a variety of odd jobs, including errand boy, store clerk, miner, prospector, mine owner, trapper, logger and always as a practical joker. As well, Gene was operator of the Silversmith Powerhouse for over 25 years. An avid outdoorsman, Gene knew the secrets of the forest, with its grouse, owl, deer and bear. And although he was an accomplished hunter, Gene respected and treasured the natural beauty of his surroundings For many years, Gene was the last remaining full-time resident of the community, and was known locally as “the mayor of Sandon.” For most of that time, it was largely Eugene Petersen (1916-1988) due to Gene’s efforts that the few remaining original buildings were protected and shovelled in winter. Gene helped in the creation of the Sandon Museum, and he was the first president of the Sandon Historical Society. Among his many other skills, Gene was a writer and amateur poet. He wrote about his lifetime in Sandon in his memoirs, Window in the Rock, but unfortunately he died before it was published. Copies of his book are available to examine at the retail counter in the Sandon Historical Society Museum.

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